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Glenmere Primary School - 50 Year Anniversary

What's on our 50 Year Anniversary page below...
- What we will be doing to celebrate Glenmere's 50th Anniversary
- Pictures from the past
- Glenmere's Year 2000 Time Capsule
- Glenmere's Land Information

What did we do to celebrate our anniversary?

50 year Anniversary Celebrations:

Glenmere Primary School opened in 1964, this means that 2014 marks 50 years of the school being open. We made plans with our staff and the PSA to celebrate this and we are so pleased about how things came together and what we have achieved during the 2013-2014 academic year. We firstly drew together many memories from old staff and pupils from the school over those 50 years. This was done in a number of ways: Through word of mouth, a leaflet drop of the local area, our website, a special Facebook page and through coffee afternoons to invite people to share photos and memories. We also had people who went to Wigston Records Office and Leicester University library to find out what we could. Here is a summary of what has been achieved this year to celebrate our schools 50th anniversary and ensure that memories from the school, both past and present, live on well into the future.

50 Years of Memories Facebook Page:

The PSA 50 Year Celebration Planning Committee set up a Facebook page in October 2013 to help pull together positive memories, old photos and history about Glenmere Primary school over the past 50 years. The page is called ‘Glenmere Primary School 50 Years of Memories’. We have had lots of support for this page and we are so pleased that about 430 ‘liked’ the page, many of whom have used it to post valuable memories and photos from Glenmere over the years. Many of these were subsequently used in our ’50 Years of Memories’ Magazine and some can be viewed on the photo timeline below.

Please do not post any photos of current pupils on this page, this page is for old school photos only.

Here is the link for the page:

Golden Daffodils:

On Friday, 1st November every child in school planted a daffodil bulb at the front of the school to start our 50 years anniversary celebrations. These daffodils bloomed in the spring of 2014 and looked beautiful. We are looking forward to them flowering for years to come.

50 Year Anniversary 'Memory Sharing' Coffee Afternoons:

Thank you to everyone who came to our two 'Memory Sharing' Coffee Afternoons on Friday 15th November and Friday 14th February. They both went very well, lots of people came with their memories and memorabilia. People chatted about what they remember and looked through some of the photos that we have.

50 Years of Memories Celebration Magazine:

We have now finished our 50 Years Celebration Magazine. It is a full colour, 34 page, professionally designed, glossy magazine full of past and present photos, memories, current pupil drawings and school history. We have very much appreciated everyone's support in providing the information to help make this magazine possible. It is a real keepsake for anyone who is or has been involved at Glenmere in any way over the past 50 years. They are now available to purchase from Glenmere office at a cost of £3.50 each. If you would like a copy posted to you within the UK we can do that for a cost of £5.50 for one copy (which includes £2.00 towards postage & packing costs) or £10 for two copies posted to the same address. If you would like them posted then please send us a cheque for the correct amount payable to ‘Glenmere Primary School’ and a covering note with your name and address on. You can send this to: Glenmere Community Primary School, Estoril Avenue, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 3RD. Thank You. Please see the timeline below for a picture of the magazine.

Time Capsule:

Glenmere have a time capsule that has been buried in the ‘Quiet Area’ since the year 2000. This was dug up by the builders, by mistake, during the Quiet Area renovations. The capsule has now be opened to see what is in there (to see what was in there scroll down to the bottom of this page for a link to a special PowerPoint presentation about it) and new items from 2014 were added. We have now buried the new capsule in a special purpose built case, which is marked with a special plaque so that it can be opened in 2039 as part of the 75 years celebrations. (You can see a photo from the burial in the timeline below)

50 Year Anniversary Celebration Day:

We had a wonderful day at our 50 year anniversary celebrations on Friday, 20th June 2014. Our celebrations were helped a lot by the beautiful British sunshine in that day. In the morning we had an assembly with the Oadby & Wigston Mayor and some former staff & students. Following the assembly we buried the time capsule. ‘Circus Sensible’ who came that day did a fantastic and very funny performance for the children and staff in the morning as well as circus workshops in the afternoon & at the Fayre. The performance at the fayre was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone there too. We had a great time at our celebration Summer Fayre. Lots of visitors came and there was a wonderful celebration atmosphere. As well as the Circus Big Top, we had inflatables, rides, a BBQ, Refreshments, lots of games, the Great Glenmere Bake Off, Raffle and much more. We also enjoyed our school choir, a saxophonist and Guthlaxton College’s brass/ Jazz band who all added to a wonderful celebration feel with their brilliant music. We would like to thank all the PSA, staff and other volunteers who helped make it such a wonderful day. We are also very pleased to let you know that we manage to raise about £1460 at the Fayre which will go into the PSA school improvement fund. A big thank you to everyone from our school and local community who joined us and supported this event.

Here are some of the pictures and memories that we have found about our school over the past 50 years. Thank you to everyone who has brought in old photos or posted them on our Facebook page. We put the photos in date order ending with the plans and initial photos of the school being built in 1962/3 and the opening in 1964.

We had an AMAZING day of celebrations for our 50 year anniversary on Friday 20th June 2014. Our celebration day was much helped by our beautiful English summers day. We have had a fabulous time, our day included an assembly with some wonderful former staff & pupils visiting us. Circus Sensible did performances and workshops for the kids all day. We buried the time capsule with the Mayor of Wigston. We also had a wonderful & very successful Summer Fayre. It was an all round successful day! Thank you for everyone's support & the tireless work of our PSA, school staff and volunteers. You made our day truly brilliant!! Here is a photo from our 'Big Top Circus' Celebration Summer Fayre. Click the link below to view more photos.

50 Year Anniversary Celebration Day Photos

Burial of the Time Capsule. On Friday 20th June 2014. Article from Leicester Mercury dated Saturday 21st June 2014.

Our 'Big Top Circus' Celebration Summer Fayre Flyer.

John and Pauline Stringer came to visit us in May 2014 it was lovely to see them and show them around the school. John was the Caretaker at Glenmere for 20 years from 1980-2000. Here is John sitting, with Pauline standing next to him, in our new Quiet Area reading chair next to the old Quiet Area sign 'Stringers Rest' which was named after Mr Stringer upon his retirement in 2000.

April 2014. The '50 Years of Memories' Memories Magazines are now available to purchase at Glenmere. Please see the above for more information about how to get your own copy.

April 2014. Our 50 Year Anniversary Celebration Painting to go in our new Quiet Area. Painted by a PSA member.

In March 2014 we finished our '50 Years of Memories' magazine. Here is a picture of the front cover, as well as half of the contents page and half of another page. Please see above for more information about our celebration magazine and how you can purchase one for £3.50 each.

Here is a sample of three more pages: 'Classes and Lessons' and part of the 'Sports Teams and Clubs' and 'Plays and Performances' pages.

Here is a sample of our 'History and School Opening Page', Half of one of our 'Plays and Performances' page and half of our 'Food and Playtimes' page.

This is our new 50 year logo designed by one of our year 5 pupils who won our school logo design competition in January 2014. It is looking great!

Memory Sharing Afternoon. 15th November 2013. Here are a couple of pictures of a great afternoon.

Glenmere CD. In 2010 the children made a CD with help from Miss Strong and the other staff. All the kids had lots of fun singing on the CD in their classes and as a whole school together. Songs such as ‘Give It All You Got’ and the ‘School Rule Song’ featured on the CD and are often still sung in assemblies too.

Year 4/5 2005 with Mrs Blackburn

Staff Photo 2004 with Headteacher Jenny Barrett. Many of the staff on here are still working at Glenmere now.

Year 2 2002 with Miss Cowie (Mrs Conlon), Miss Hartley and Mrs Redfern.

Grease 2001 - Miss Strong's First Play. Sylvia Hilditch said "It was a fantastic production".

Millennium whole school photo 2000 with Head Teacher Nick MacDonald.

Millennium Tea Towel 2000

A time capsule was buried in the year 2000 (this is not a photo of the actual one). It was dug up during the Quiet Area renovations this year. When the builders dug it up in the spring of 2013 at first they thought it might be an old WW2 bomb or something similar. However, to everyone's relief it turned out to be the time capsule. So we have decided to open it and take pictures of what is in it and as part of the celebrations this year we will add to it with new items and bury a new one in a new spot marked with a plaque. Mr Merry our Headteacher did a special assembly on 12th November 2013 where he talked through what was in it and showed the children the photos. If you would like to see the PowerPoint of what was in the time capsule then please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Mr Williams' Class around 1998 with Mrs Lowe

Mrs Taylors' Class 1998. Uniform was still not compulsory at this stage. Anything black, grey, white or red was acceptable even with logos and patterns on. Elliot Wade called this the "Class of legends!"

Mrs Taylors Year 5 Class 1993. Here are some memories from people in this photo: "Mrs Taylor was a brilliant teacher! (Ross Morton) "This Year was really good, Mrs Taylor was a fantastic teacher." (Tim Gilbert)

Netball Team 1993

Cricket Team 1992

Football Team 1992

Moses and the Burning Bush Play 1992. Nikki Raine remembers: "That was Moses and the Burning Bush. We made it into the paper. I was Pharaoh's servant, Still remember the songs."

Home Time 1992 from the Leicester Mercury records.

In the school hall 1990. Uniform colours were phased in around this year.

Sports Day June 1990.

Slow Bike Race, Sports Day, June 1990 with Mr Williams holding the megaphone. After being asked to describe how the race worked Ben Kitts said, "Last one to cross the finish line without putting a foot down or leaving your lane. It was awesome."

Class from 1990.

Another class from 1990 - Possibly Year 5.

Netball Team 1990

25th Anniversary - Cinderella play with staff, parents and pupils. This was around 1989.

25 Year Celebration Mug 1989. People also remember that the staff and teachers did a panto of Cinderella for the 25 year celebrations. Jill Ridgeway remembers "During the last performance there was a huge storm not only was there no lights but leaks developed all around the school. Memorable!"

25 Year Celebration Picture.

Embroidery from 1989 done by Chole Bradley when she was 9 years old.

Class from 1989.

Mrs Bowles Year 3 Class 1989. Mrs Bowles won a 'top teacher' award in 1990 and the children at the time remember singing a song for her about it. Nikki Bryan says that 'Mrs Bowles was an amazing teacher. Full of fun, life and fabulousness'.

Various classes from 1988.

Reception Class 1988 with Mrs Holloway, Miss Burnett and Mrs Ridgway. "I remember learning my alphabet with letter land. I still know my letters, so it must have worked...seems like an age ago." (Helen Marston) "So many good memories... and some very good friends!" (Phil Spencer)

Mrs Gindlay's Class 1988 Year 6."They say we romance about our childhood as adults, but this really was a time without malice, without enemies. Everyone in this photo was my friend." (Alan Godsell)

Gymnastics at Glenmere in 1987

Winning Gymnasts from Glenmere 1987

Gymnastics Event with Glenmere Pupils - We think around 1987

Ariel View of Glenmere 1986. You can see that there is no Brocks Hill. People have been remembering that sometimes cows from the field next to the school used to get into the school field or follow people up the path from the school to the Meadows estate.

Gym Club 1986. The gym team competed against other schools in the County and did very well. Mr Oddy was the teacher who ran it.

Mrs McDonalds's Class 1986

Margaret Cottem was the Lollipop lady for Glenmere for 30 years. "I loved Mrs Cotton, what a legend and lovely lady."(Catherine Goss) "Yep! Always remember what she used to say as well- "over you go, wait in the middle, not too near the curb!" She was lovely."(Rachel Ayton)

Gymnastics Club 1985

Mr and Mrs McDonald's Wedding - 25th May 1985

Mrs Holloway and Mrs Ridgeway's Class 1985

Mrs McDonalds's Class 1985

Staff Photo 1984/5.(Some of the names from top left) Peter Oddy, Sue Mason, Marilyn Bowles, Sheila Edwards, Linda Goddard, John Stringer, Jane McDonald, Linda Grindley, Allison Dawes, John Howkins, Janet Wheeler, Carol Marston, Jenny Holloway, Jill Ridgeway. Abbie Smith commented, "Wow!!...Those were all my lovely teachers. Happy days."

Reception class 1984 with Mrs Holloway and Mrs Ridgeway. Roy Beattie says "This was by far my favourite class at school".

Miss Brigg's Class 1984

Swanage Display 1984 from the Leicester Mercury. A display about Swanage and the surrounding area following a school residential trip to the area. "About 100 parents and friends attended the exhibition which incorporated slides, models, paintings, stories and craft work". Children in picture: Alan Schofield and Yvonne Keleher. Yvonne has now seen this picture on our Facebook page nearly 30 years later and commented "I dont even remember it being taken but I remember the trip...oh how young and innocent."

Mrs Holloway and Mrs Ridgeway's Class 1983

School Orchestra 1983

Hymn Book 1980s. Old pupils remember Mr Howkins playing his guitar for the hymn singing.

School Play 1982. Picture from the Leicester Mercury.

Year 4/5 1981 with Mr Howkins

Chess Club 1981 with Mr Howkins

School Play 1981.People remember it to be about Aladdin. Picture from Leicester Mercury.

School Orchestra with Mr Howkins 1980

Year 6 with Mr Howkins 1980. Glenmere still had a year 6 in those days. Many people have memories of Mr Howkins with his mustard coloured tank tops.

Gym Club with Mr Oddy 1979. Frances Cavanagh remembered the sewing projects that are hanging in the background in this picture. She said, "Mine was an owl, which I think I still have.".

School Prom Programme 19th June 1979. Kirstine Dixon said: "Every year we would have our school proms. We usually did it for a few nights. The choir and the orchestra would perform. Mr Howkins led both groups. Programmes were printed with all the details of performances in it. The programmes were your entrance tickets. This was the cover for 1979 proms."

Cricket Team with Mr Howkins 1979

Kitchen and Caretaking staff with Mr Staniforth the Headteacher 1978. Rosie Rhodes says "Mr Staniforth is by far the best teacher I have ever encountered to this day." Frances Cavanagh's parents were the caretaker and cleaner to the far right of this photo and she remembers living in the bungalow at the bottom of the drive and bringing up cups of tea to Mr Staniforth in the mornings when he got in early.

Instrumentalists from 1976 who played in the short lived Wigston Schools Area Orchestra. Picture from the Leicester Mercury.

Staff 1976 (L-R) Jean Arnison, Helen Mear, Allison Dawes, Helen Dunning, Peter Oddy, (2nd row) Gwen Hamilton, Margaret Tomkins (Head of Infants), Peter Staniforth, John Howkins, Audrey Rowland's (Ancillary)

Cycling Proficiency Late 1970s or early 1980s. Old pupils remember that PC Tidmarsh used to take cycling proficiency around this time.

Ariel View 1978/1979. You can see from this photo how things have changed. There was no Brocks Hill, just fields. No bungalows round the edge of the field and the Meadows estate is still being developed.

Swimming certificates 1978. Kirstine Dixon Says: "Who remembers going to the old swimming baths in Oadby on the confidence double decker buses? And having to swim a length in your pyjamas and pick up the brick from the bottom of the pool?" It's funny that the current year 2 children at Glenmere still go to Oadby swimming pool on double decker 'Confidence' buses. In 1978 swimming cost 20p per child.

Pocket Money Bank Book 1978. The children could save their pocket money through the school bank via the school office. "I remember queuing up outside the office with my pound note each week. On a Monday morning I believe" (Leanne Peake) She and others also remember the tuck shop where you could buy crisps called 'footballs' and 3p wafer bars.

Mrs Siddal's Class 1978

Sports Day Awards 1977-1978

School Report 1976 to 1980

Year 2 1976 or 1977

Football Team from 1970 - 1971

Football Team 2 from 1970 - 1971

1970 with Mrs Wells

Old School Logo (not sure about dates on this). Glenmere school was known by this name because the land was very boggy and had to be drained before it was built on. The Old Mere was an ancient boundary between Wigston Magna and Newton Harcourt. It was never ploughed on but grazed as part of the common pasture. It is now called Meres Walk. The old school badge was Green for the fields or valleys slopping down to the water or boggy area. Blue for the sky. The torch is the torch of learning that was used to denote the school on road signs.

Mr Mould's Class 1969

Class Photo from 1969

Class Photo from 1968

Football Team 1967

1960s Class on the Field

Mrs Gaye's Class 1965

Football Team 1964

Mrs Gaye's class 1964 with Headteacher Mr Looker.

Extracts from a letter full of memories from a mother whose daughter and son were there on the first day on the 8th September 1964. It was sent to us following our memory sharing afternoon on 15th November 2013.

School Opening from Leicester Mercury dated 8th September 1964. It was originally known as 'Estoril Avenue Infants School' according to the records. We guess this might have been an 'open day' for it to have been published in the Mercury on the same day as pupils started. The first actual school day recorded in the school admissions book was also 8th September 1964. Lynn McCelland says "I came to Glenmere from the day it opened. I remember thinking how long the driveway looked."

Photo of initial building work 1963

Photo of initial building work 1963

Architect drawings of Glenmere 1962/1963

Glenmere Community Primary School's
Year 2000 Time Capsule

Below are slides taken from our Year 2000 Time Capsule presentation.
The presentation with all images is included at the bottom of the page.

Glenmere Community Primary School's
Land Information

Below are slides taken from Glenmere's Land Information presentation.
The presentation with all documents and images is included at the bottom of the page.