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Comic Sarah Millican joins forces with Leicestershire cancer patient Lizzy Strong to raise money for Loros.

A 36-year-old woman whose world was turned upside down when she discovered she had terminal cancer has pledged to indulge in “random acts of silliness” in a bid to raise as much money as possible for charity.

Mum Lizzy Strong, from Market Harborough, was diagnosed with cancer last January.

After two operations and seven months of chemotherapy, she was told the disease had spread and her condition was terminal.

But the news only made her more determined to enjoy life, and now Lizzy has teamed up with Geordie comic Sarah Millican to launch a new fund-raising initiative, called Random Acts of Silliness.

The pair have recorded a video, which can be viewed on the Mercury’s website, showing the comedian throwing a plate full of squirty cream into Lizzy’s face, and then challenging a number of others to continue the “silliness” with videos of their own.

The idea is that people who are nominated do a random silly thing, and then make a donation to Leicester’s Loros hospice.

“I’d heard of random acts of kindness,” said Lizzy, who works at Glenmere Primary School, in Wigston.

“But that’s not really me – I prefer humour. So I made a video showing a random act of silliness.”

Lizzy met Sarah after one of the latter’s shows at De Montfort Hall last December. After a chat and a few emails, the comic last week found herself round at Lizzy’s house, recording the video.

The duo are now encouraging other people to indulge in absurd, eccentric or frivolous behaviour – as long as it is safe – and raise money for Loros, in Groby Road.

“I can’t change where I’m going, but I can change how I get there,” said Lizzy.

“My outlook on life is about not forgetting to be human and having a laugh.

“And if I can raise some money for Loros while I’m doing it then that’s fantastic – I just hope other people give it a go too.”

The video has already been viewed more than 1,200 times on YouTube.

Television personality Sarah has also tweeted links to the video in a bid to spread the word about the fund-raising campaign.

A number of other people have also taken part in the “silliness” and made videos of their own.

In one clip, Vicky Francis, Lizzy’s sister, can be seen taking on a canine assault course dressed as Supergirl.

The fund-raisers hope the theme will catch on and inspire a lot of people to carry out their own random act of silliness.

Lizzy said: “I know it’s not going to reach the heights of the Ice Bucket Challenge, but even if it just takes off in Leicestershire that would be fantastic and would raise money for Loros – which often gets overlooked because it’s not as big as some of the other national charities.”

Tweeting a link to the video, Sarah wrote on Twitter: “I met a very inspiring lady, Lizzy Strong today and we made this together.

“Please donate to Loros hospice if you can.”

To donate, text ‘haha54’ and an amount (for example £5) to 70070.

Alternatively visit: