Sponsor a Child

Glenmere Community Primary School and Langmoor Primary School, Oadby, have been given the opportunity to sponsor a child in India through a charity called Compassion.

Who are Compassion?

Compassion are an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry. Partnering with local churches, they are committed to the spiritual, economic, social and physical development of over 1.5 million children living in extreme poverty in 26 countries, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.
You can find out more by visiting the Compassion Website

About Harsha:

Harsha is the name of the child in India that Glenmere and Langmoor have begun sponsoring. His birthday is the 23rd of April 2009.

Harsha attends the ‘Christa Mitra Ashram Child Development Centre’ Compassion project which is situated in Ajjykatta, 250 km north of Mangalore, India. Most adults in Ajjykatta work as day labourers and earn the equivalent of £35 per month. Harsha’s Dad is usually employed as a labourer when work is available.

The regional diet consists of beans, chicken, fish, rice and potatoes. This community has many health needs. Common health problems include tuberculosis, diarrhoea, jaundice, typhoid and chicken pox. The community also have various other social and economic needs including needs for educational materials, employment opportunities and literacy programs.

How Glenmere and Langmoor can help Harsha:

Our sponsorship of Harsha is focused on his individual development needs, while also taking into consideration the needs of his family and community. The local church, in partnership with Compassion, are committed to meeting the physical, social, economic and spiritual needs of each child they care for.

Our annual sponsorship donation to Compassion UK will allow the staff of Christa Mitra Ashram Child Development Centre to provide Harsha with nutritious food, health and hygiene education, health check-ups, vaccinations, games, Bible teaching, field trips, tuition and school supplies.

The centre staff will also provide meetings and literacy programs for the parents of Harsha. These skills will enable Harsha, and subsequently his family, to climb out from a life of desperate poverty, and step into a more hopeful future.

Writing and Receiving Letters:

Another important aspect of our sponsorship is the ongoing friendship that develops between us and Harsha through the writing and receiving of letters. The year 4 & 5 children at both schools have the opportunity to get involved in writing letters to Harsha. Letters we receive in reply are shared with the children in assemblies.

This relationship is an integral part of Harsha’s development. Our letters build hope, through him knowing that people who live far away are interested in him and care for him. It also helps our own pupils to consider what life is like for children living in poverty in another country and helps them to demonstrate compassion as they think through what to write about.

At Glenmere and Langmoor we feel privileged to be making a difference to global poverty, one child at a time, in partnership with Compassion UK. We really do appreciate everyone’s support very much to help make this happen.

Below is a picture of Harsha: