Glenmere Primary School intends to provide our children with a well-rounded, versatile, stimulating and challenging education that will benefit and allow children to achieve their potential through the highest standards of teaching and learning.

We follow Government statutory guidance through a creative approach in a way that is enjoyable as well as being informative and educational. Our aim is to engage, stimulate and inspire every child by enlivening the content. Educational visits and visitors to school help us to build the character and nature of our curriculum; enabling us to provide real opportunities to reinforce learning, widen horizons, develop new skills and engage in new experiences.
Following the publication of the research into curriculum (HMCI 18/9/2018) we discussed the two terms; knowledge and skills. Our shared understanding is that knowledge is facts and information and skills are the application of knowledge in a range of contexts. We adhere to the HMCI comment ‘knowledge underpins and enables the application of skills’, and we understand that both need to be developed alongside one another.

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Below are our intent statements for each subject area:

Broader Curriculum Statement of Intent
Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through ensuring that all aspects of the curriculum are delivered through rich, imaginative and cross-curricular learning that will inspire children.
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English Statement of Intent
To deliver an exciting, innovative English curriculum which enables and empowers children’s written and oral communication and creativity through collaboration and engagement with a variety of high quality texts.

Maths Statement of Intent
For every child to develop a sound understanding of Maths, equipping them with the skills of calculation, reasoning and problem solving that they need in life beyond school.

Science Statement of Intent
To develop children’s scientific knowledge and understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science, for now and the future. To promote and encourage a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena in a practical and investigative way.

Modern Foreign Languages Statement of Intent
To develop the teaching and learning of Spanish and French across the school, preparing children for future opportunities in Spanish and French speaking countries.

History and Geography Statement of Intent
To develop children’s experiences and understanding of Geography and History, inspiring and igniting their curiosity about the wider world.

PE Statement of Intent
To develop children’s experiences and enable them to achieve personal successes, the appropriate skills and confidence to partake in all sports.
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PSHE Statement of Intent
To develop children’s understanding of PSHE and provide them with a foundation of life skills across all contexts (home/school/community) and time spans (primary/secondary/later life).

EYFS Statement of Intent
Working in partnership with parents to encourage independent, happy learners who thrive in school and reach their full potential.

Computing Statement of Intent
To develop children’s experience and understanding of ICT, preparing them for jobs of the future.

British Values Statement of Intent
To develop children’s experience and understanding of British Values to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation to promote fundamental British Values of Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of the those with different faiths and beliefs. (DFE 2014)

Music Statement of Intent
To develop children’s experience and understanding of Music through composition, participation, performance, singing and appreciation of music.

Art / Design Statement of Intent
To develop skills and techniques, including digital media, to produce individual and group pieces of work that reflects and contributes to culture and creativity.

Design Technology Statement of Intent
To provide children with experiences which encourage them to design, investigate and create, whilst looking at the world around them.

RE Statement of Intent
Our aim is to provide opportunities to explore their own beliefs, values and traditions and those of others, developing their knowledge of world faiths.

Personal Growth – Life Skills Statement of Intent
Our aim is to provide opportunities to develop essential life skills, confidence, motivation, resilience and communication they need to succeed and cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life.

Power Projects
Each term we aim to enthuse, engage and excite our children with whole school themes ensuring breadth of coverage and opportunities to work together across age ranges.

Visits and Visitors
During their seven years at Glenmere the pupils can expect to experience the following visits and visitors to the school.
• Residential visit in year 6
• Visits and workshops linked to our topic projects – at least one per term
> Launching new topics with trips, visitors or workshops
> Culmination of our topics with a showcase of skills and learning to parents in a creative way
> Personal growth visits in around the community
> Inviting visitors with skills and expertise for our personal growth projects
> Regular visitor assemblies often linked to our Power Projects and Personal Growth projects
• Collaborative visits to local feeder secondary schools, through a variety of curriculum areas.
• The opportunities to compete in sports tournaments across the year
• Creative Power Projects – for the whole school termly around one theme
• STEM activities and science afternoons, working side by side with parents carrying out experiments and investigations
• Inviting visitors to deliver assemblies including; Religious aspects, authors, poets, British Values, Members of the local community, Health and Safety, NCPCC, Staying Safe, Music, Drama, Science, Sport and many more.

The Glenmere Curriculum

One of the key aspects of our curriculum design is deciding what we want our children to learn. After a great deal of research, we have now introduced “Knowledge Organisers” (KO) to demonstrate, for class projects and key subjects, what teachers want children to learn. They will contain:

• Key questions – that children should be able to answer when the project is complete.
• Important vocabulary.
• Relevant images such as maps, portraits, photographs, timelines
• Skills needed to apply the knowledge learnt.
• How the learning fits into the overall scheme of our curriculum.

These will be shared with parents so you can see what your child is learning and help support them to discuss their project. A copy of your child’s KO will be sent home in black and white but a PDF can viewed on our website.

Each class has an “Umbrella” theme. This is linked to a particular project and replaces our previous topic webs. These will give you information, in advance, what your child will be learning about. These curriculum umbrellas can also be found on our website as well as being sent home in black and white.

Curriculum Overview Jigsaws

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Science Curriculum Knowledge Organisers

Year 1 Seasonal Changes Autumn 01 and 02
Year 2 Living Things and their Habitats Autumn 01 and 02
Year 3 Changing States Autumn 01
Year 3 Forces and Magnets Autumn 02
Year 4 Electricity Autumn 01
Year 4 Sound Autumn 02
Year 5 Forces Autumn 01
Year 5 Earth and Space Autumn 02
Year 6 Electricity Autumn 01
Year 6 Evolution Autumn 02
New Science Overview

Curriculum Umbrellas and Knowledge Organisers

Year 1
Under the Sea Umbrella
Under the Sea Knowledge Organiser
Victorian Christmas Umbrella
Victorian Christmas Knowledge Organiser

Year 2
History Makers Umbrella
History Makers Knowledge Organiser
On Your Doorstep Umbrella
On Your Doorstep Knowledge Organiser

Year 3
Off With their Heads Umbrella
Off With their Heads Knowledge Organiser
Chocolate Factory Umbrella
Chocolate Factory Knowledge Organiser

Year 4
Rampaging Romans Umbrella
Rampaging Romans Knowledge Organiser
Wet Wet Wet Umbrella
Wet Wet Wet Knowledge Organiser

Year 5
Extreme Earth Umbrella
Extreme Earth Knowledge Organiser
Titanic Umbrella
Titanic Knowledge Organiser

Year 6
WW2 Umbrella
WW2 Knowledge Organiser

Life Skills Curriculum

Life Skills Curriculum Overview