More Able Children

Glenmere Enterprise Group

The Glenmere Enterprise Group is a collection of more able children who have been put together for various fundraising efforts. The group have sold refreshments at events such as the Race for Life days, they have held non school uniform days where Parent’s and children donated money, and have also planned a Loros sale event themselves, where by they asked for donations of good quality clothes, toys and books etc and then sold these items after school.

The children also attend Bushloe High School every half term, for a session of maths activities, taught by the Bushloe teachers.

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More Able Activities

To view different more able activities held at Glenmere: Click here

There are presentations, pictures and a video showing some of our work.

A group of more able Year 5 children attended Beauchamp College in March 2015 for a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Challenge day. They were given a scenario, in which the worlds resources had been used up and they were required to relocate to the Moon, as the earth would become uninhabitable.

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NACE Award

Glenmere has achieved the NACE challenge award for More Able, Gifted and Talented pupils.
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Suggestions for supporting able children at home

•Read with them, and to them, even if they are good readers.

•Able children enjoy learning new words. Have a new ‘word of the week’ at home.

•Extend their general knowledge with a ‘fact of the week’.

•Encourage physical activity to develop co-ordination and general fitness.

•Do not always focus on your child’s obvious skills. Encourage him or her to sample new activities.

•Information and Communication Technology offers vast possibilities. Schools can advise on appropriate websites.

•All types of puzzles, crosswords, logic games, word games, card games and board games help to develop children’s thinking skills and social interaction.

•Learn a new language together.

•Give children a broad range of experiences.

•Sometimes the most effective support that a parent can provide may be to limit the number of engagements and formal activities their child is exposed to, in order to ensure that the child has the space and free time in which to play, experiment and develop hobbies and interests of his or her own.

Helping Children to Keep Learning over the Summer Holidays

NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) have some suggestions for summer activities to keep your children learning and their minds active, during the summer holidays.

The following document contains their suggestions as well as useful Website links:

Helping Children to Keep Learning over the Summer Holidays

Resources for Parents

•Supporting gifted and talented children at Glenmere leaflet – June 2013: Click here

This leaflet was given to pupils to give to their parents.

•Department for Education – More able pupils: Click here

•National Association for Able Children in Education: Click here

•Potential Plus UK: Click here

•The Impact of Parental Involvement: Click here

•Identifying Gifted and Talented learners: Click here

•Grid Club: Click here

Grid Club has lots of ideas to support able pupils.

•Aquila Magazine: Click here

Aquila is a ‘fun magazine for lively minded children’ aged 8 to 13.