Year 2

Supporting your child

Please click on the link below to find out how you can support your child throughout this term.

Mr Matthew’s Class: Supporting your child in Year 2 – Autumn 2019

Class Newsletter

Mr Matthew’s Class Newsletter – Autumn 2019

Place Value and Partitioning

A useful resource for children to access with their Parents/Carers is the place value and partitioning activity.
Parents/Carers can give children a list of numbers which they have to create using Hundreds, Tens and Units. This will show them how to partition numbers and what they represent in whole numbers.
Click here to access the activity.



Please check with your child/their letters for any homework assignments/projects.

Curriculum Overview Jigsaws

Year 2

Science Curriculum Knowledge Organisers

Year 2 Living Things and their Habitats Autumn 01 and 02
New Science Overview

Curriculum Umbrellas and Knowledge Organisers

Year 2
History Makers Umbrella
History Makers Knowledge Organiser
On Your Doorstep Umbrella
On Your Doorstep Knowledge Organiser

Life Skills Curriculum

Life Skills Curriculum Overview