Year 6

Supporting your child

Please click on the link below to find out how you can support your child throughout this term.

Mr Upfield’s Class: Supporting your child in Year 6 – Autumn 2019

Class Newsletter

Mr Upfields’s Class Newsletter – Autumn 2019


A useful resource for children to access with their Parents/Carers or on their own is the giving change, money activity.
Children are able to work in different shops including a sweet shop or music store. They are given an amount the customer pays, to which they have to give change. Each shop has different amounts, ranging from £1.00 up to £500.00
Click here to access the Website.



Please check with your child/their letters for any homework assignments/projects.

Curriculum Overview Jigsaws

Year 6

Science Curriculum Knowledge Organisers

Year 6 Electricity Autumn 01
Year 6 Evolution Autumn 02
New Science Overview

Curriculum Umbrellas and Knowledge Organisers

Year 6
WW2 Umbrella
WW2 Knowledge Organiser

Life Skills Curriculum

Life Skills Curriculum Overview