MAJIC Productions, J.C Productions, J.E.M. Film

J.C Productions was created by Rudolf Wolfgang Scrumpet. It's film's SFX are completely illusioned using rubber and plastic animals, camera filters, CG objects and greenscreen. His first film was an interview.

MAJIC (Millie and James In Camera) Productions was created by Rudolf Wolfgang Scrumpet and Zoe Karenina. Both play the pianoforte and write film scores for all of there films; "Project: G+Gcm2" and "The Past is the Future". "Project: G+Gcm2" is a series of shorts - only one has been made, "D.N.A Chase" - and "The Manero Twins" is in the making. "The Past is the Future" is a film in the making, made in association with J.E.M. Film.

J.E.M. Film was created by James Cowen, Millie Beech and Emma Gibson (Hence the J, E and M). They haven't made any films yet, but are making "The Past is the Future" with MAJIC Productions. James Cowen plays Sherbert Whitely, Prof. Beechyou and Prof. Bigbottom, Millie Beech plays Lora Higgings, and Emma Gibson plays Kalie Jamtart and Amanda.

Created by James Cowen