All admission applications should be made through the Local Authority website, for families living in Oadby & Wigston this is Leicestershire County Council.

Mid-term transfer

If you would like to move your child from another school to Glenmere, this is referred to as a mid-term transfer.  Applications are managed by Leicestershire County Council on our behalf, see Mid-term transfer applications.

Admission Appeals

Parents have the right to appeal against an unsuccessful application for a place at our school.  To ensure independence our appeals are managed by Leicestershire County Council.  For details of the Appeals process and the timetable for organising and hearing admission appeals please see the link below:


Please see the consultation documents relating to changes in admissions from August 2024:

Admissions Policy for admissions from start of Autumn Term 2024.

First Time and Mid Term Admissions Policy from August 2023

Admissions Policy from August 2022

Catchment Map