Our Curriculum Intent

Our Mission

At Glenmere Primary School we intend to provide our children with a well-rounded, versatile, stimulating and challenging education that will benefit and allow children to achieve their potential through the highest standards of teaching and learning. ‘Knowledge underpins and enables the application of skills.’ (HMCI 2018) We understand that both need to be developed alongside each other.


  • To be successful learners
  • To be confident individuals
  • To be responsible citizens


We have embedded our school values into our curriculum, and we believe we are GREAT at Glenmere because:

  • We GROW to become caring, confident and responsible members of our multi-cultural society. We strive continuously to improve the outcomes of our children through peer reflection and a rigorous self-evaluation system.
  • We RESPECT each other and treat everyone the way we want to be treated and understand that we are all different. We encourage partnerships working with our community to support the raising of aspirations.
  • We understand that children learn better when they are excited, and we provide many opportunities to ENJOY learning in many, different ways. Every lesson brings something new to discover.
  • We strive to be successful in all that we do so that we can ACHIEVE great things and feel a collective sense of pride.
  • We are more confident in our learning when we work TOGETHER because we know that the harder we work, the prouder we become. We involve all stakeholders in the decision-making process and provide opportunities for stakeholders to contribute to future developments.

The curriculum aims to develop core knowledge and understanding, skills and competences, attitudes, attributes and dispositions.

Core knowledge and understanding

Excellent general, subject, social and cultural knowledge

Skills and competences

Essential skills: literacy, numeracy, computing and ICT, personal, social, emotional, learning and thinking skills, physical, moral

Attitudes, attributes and dispositions

Creative thinkers Problem solvers Good communicators Independent learners Collaboration Motivation Emotional awareness Organisational skills Ambition Enterprise Appreciation of diversity.

Culural Captial - What will they require to make their way in society?

At Glenmere Community Primary School we believe all children should be given opportunities to enrich their lives through a broad and diverse range of exciting experiences. We pride ourselves on our commitment to create rounded individuals, not just pupils who do well academically, but pupils who are socially conscious and have a strong understanding of the world around them and their place within it.

How will we measure the impact of our curriculum?

We will evaluate the impact of the curriculum through:

  • Pupil voice: can children recall and remember learning?
  • Stakeholder feedback, including parent and governors
  • Lesson evaluations and children's work
  • Teacher's content, choices and sequences - these will ensure that children build schema to acquire long term knowledge
  • Effective assessment: both quantitative and qualitative
  • Complete view and whole child's development is considered

Outcomes: Our children will be happy, confident and successful learners who are responsible citizens

Curriculum Intent