Phonics and Early Reading


Statement of Intent

The aims of our reading curriculum is for children to become more fluent and effective readers who have a rich vocabulary and enjoy reading for pleasure.


Through the teaching of phonics, children are taught the essential skills needed for reading. At Glenmere we use Rocket Phonics as a systematic synthetic phonics programme. All teaching and materials are used to support the teaching within these lessons. Phonics is taught daily to all children in Reception, and KS1. All pupils are provided with fully decodable books and these are introduced when all the grapheme phoneme correspondences have been taught.

Extra support is provided to those in Year 2 who have not passed phonics screening in Year 1 and interventions are planned for those children who are working below expected levels. Once children move into Year 3, we teach phonics as an intervention for those who are still identified as needing support with reading, alongside other reading comprehension interventions. 

Here you will find our phonics overview which outlines our approach to teaching phonics at Glenmere.


The teaching of phonics starts as soon as children join reception. Assessments are completed at the start of Reception and Year 1 and then formative assessments are carried out within daily and weekly teaching through observations. End of half-term assessments are also used as a tool to identify strengths and next steps.

In the summer term of Year 1 there is a national phonics test where children have to read 40 real and alien words to check their understanding of phonics. 

Phonics Sequence of Learning

EYFS Yearly Overview

Phonics Long Term Plan