Religious Education

RE Statement of Intent

Our aim is to provide opportunities to explore their own beliefs, values and traditions and those of others, developing their knowledge of world faiths.


At Glenmere, we follow the Leicestershire Agreed RE Syllabus. RE is taught weekly from Key Stage One through to Key Stage Two. Work is recorded in a class book which demonstrates the range of activities used to teach about the variety of different religions covered. In Early Years, the experiences are based upon children's own lives, learning about and celebrating each other's cultures. Assemblies are also used to teach awareness about different religious festivals, celebrations and cultures as well as developing PSHE and British Values alongside these.


We want pupils to be able to talk about and show a good understanding of the different religions and cultures within Britain. We want pupils to be able to show an awareness of similarities and differences of religions taught.  This will be demonstrated through pupil voice.

RE Skills Progression