Author of the Month

We, at Glenmere, really want to promote reading a range of books from different authors so each class will be having an ‘Author of the Month’. This will range from recent award-winning authors to classic authors. Children will be shown different books written by the authors and will have the opportunity to read them both in class and at home.


EYFS - Kjartan Poskitt

Year 1 - Harry Woodgate

Year 2 - Jill Tomlinson

Year 3 - Louie Stowell

Year 4 - MG Leonard and Elisa Pagnelli

Year 5 - Onjali Q. Ranuf

Year 6 - Benjamin Zephaniah


EYFS - Nathan Bryon

Year 1 - Tom Percival

Year 2 - Emily Gravett

Year 3

Year 4 - Hannah Gold

Year 5 - Sharna Jackson

Year 6 - Katya Balen