Chair of Governors welcome

Welcome to Glenmere!

As Chair of Governors, I have the privilege of working with a team of enthusiastic and committed governors who care passionately about the school. We are very fortunate to have a strong team of governors from a range of different backgrounds and professions including education, finance and social care.  As our slogan proclaims, Glenmere is GREAT because we grow, respect, enjoy and achieve together. As Governors, we strive to uphold these key values and work with the school to ensure there is an environment where a real sense of belonging and of community is fostered.  If children feel safe and valued, they are able to flourish.  We value all aspects of pupils’ education, and are proud that Glenmere is able to offer a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities promoting physical and mental well-being, creativity and an all-round love of learning, as well as driving up academic progress. 

We are again fortunate that Glenmere's staff, teachers and support, are diligent and talented.  Lessons are good, often outstanding.  We are, however, never complacent and continually review practices in order to improve, encouraging staff to develop professionally in order to provide the best possible support for the children in the school.  We believe that Glenmere really is great, and look forward to, by continued reflection and hard work, to making it even greater.

As Governors, our role is to oversee the strategies, policies and finances of the school to ensure the best possible provision is available for Glenmere's pupils.  We hold termly full Governors' meetings where we discuss whole-school issues, such as pupil progress, the impact of initiatives, behaviour, attendance, staffing, budgets, and so on. According to our skills and experience, we also meet termly in targeted committee groups for Curriculum, Health and Safety and Finance. As individuals, we also take responsibility for overseeing specific aspects within the school and conduct visits in order to provide scrutiny; during these visits we will analyse data and meet with staff and children.  We are also involved in staff recruitment at all levels, working with the head to shortlist candidates and on interview panels. Through these measures, we ensure that policy is upheld and best practice followed, and are able to understand, question and challenge the school, holding leaders to account. Our constructive criticism is evaluated and addressed by the school, driving progress and providing an improved all-round school experience for the children of Glenmere. 

Mrs Karen Sobieraj, 

Chair of Governors