Photo Gallery

Welcome to Year 4's Photo Gallery! We hope you enjoy seeing the wonderful things we do in year 4.



The children completed collages using cut out pictures of key items and then used their collages to inspire a piece of art using a skill called 'Hatching' where you scratch away the top paint layer to reveal the wax colours underneath.

Everyone's Welcome

We used the book Along Came a Different, to discuss equality and friendship and how important it is to recognise and celebrate everyone's differences. 



The children have written poems, explanation and information texts and suspense stories using a Talk for Writing approach. They have enjoyed acting out their texts and identifying key features.


Maths has been fun as we have used square pieces of paper to create an area. We rearranged them to create different shapes. 

Year 4 have loved their DT topic on 'Adapting a Recipe' where they have designed, budgeted for, created packaging for, carried out marketing tests and made their own biscuits - they were super tasty too!


The children have really enjoyed learning all about ABBA and singing and playing along to their songs. They have also learnt how to play the glockenspiel and have used technology to help them create their own compositions, as well as play along to well known songs. 



The children have been learning the states of matter using drama! They really enjoyed changing from a solid to a liquid, from a liquid to a gas, then back to a liquid and then a solid again through the process of melting and freezing.