Reading at Home

We would like to share with you our practice of home reading. Once your child is confident with specific sounds taught in class, they will be given a fully decodable book from Rocket Phonics.

Book Bag Books:

Your child will bring home a ‘book bag’ book. This an unfamiliar text where they will need to use their phonic knowledge to decode the words. The book contains sounds that your child knows.

Please continue to write in their reading record daily.

How to listen to your child read

  • Do not read the book aloud before your child reads it to you.
  • Ask your child to read the sounds and words before he or she reads the story.
  • When your child reads the story, ask him or her to sound out.
  • The words that he or she can’t read automatically. Don’t allow your child to struggle too much. Praise your child when he or she succeeds.
  • Read back each sentence or page to keep the plot moving. (Your child’s energy is going into reading the words not the story.)
  • Do not ask your child to guess the word by using the pictures.
  • Do it all with patience and love!