Year 1

Welcome to the class page for year 1. Here you can find useful website links to support your learning as well as our class letters and any other news about our class. 

Yearly Overview

At Glenmere we have established, within each year group, an overview for the year within out 'Broader Curriculum. This includes what is covered across the curriculum in addition to maths and English. 

Class Curriculum Overview

Class Newsletters

Our class newsletters celebrate all the great learning that has been going on in our class. They are full of the learning that has been taking place and how the children have been learning in many ways.


Supporting Your Child Letters

These letters will help you to give your child the support needed at home to compliment the teaching that is taking place in school. They are full of ideas and useful website links for the topics being taught


Knowledge Organisers

Here are our  knowledge organisers where you can see what is being taught in school and the vocabulary that we are using to support our knowledge and understanding

Christmas Through the Years

Around the World


The United Kingdom

Moon Landing

Here you will find the homework knowledge organisers where the children will learn a section each week. This knowledge will form part of in class learning and there will be quizzes related to the organisers.

Around the World

Giants and Castles

The United Kingdom

Under the Sea

Christmas Through the Years

Moon Landing


Through the teaching of phonics, children are taught the essential skills needed for reading. At Glenmere we use Rocket Phonics as a systematic synthetic phonics programme. All teaching and materials are used to support the teaching within these lessons. Phonics is taught daily to all children in Reception, and KS1. All pupils are provided with fully decodable books and these are introduced when all the grapheme phoneme correspondences have been taught.

Here you will find our phonics overview which outlines our approach to teaching phonics at Glenmere, following Rocket Phonics

Click the weblink for more information.

The Reading Planet Guide to Reading with your Child provides guidance for reading at home with children aged 4-7 years. This handy guides explains phonics and book banding and includes tips of developing comprehension skills.


The teaching of phonics starts as soon as children join reception. Assessments are completed at the start of Reception and Year 1 and then formative assessments are carried out within daily and weekly teaching through observations. End of half-term assessments are also used as a tool to identify strengths and next steps.

In the summer term of Year 1 there is a national phonics test where children have to read 40 real and alien words to check their understanding of phonics. 

Glenmere Reading Handbook

Glenmere English Curriculum

Personal Growth

At Glenmere, we like to ensure our pupils to be prepared to engage as individuals, parents, workers and citizens with economic, social and cultural change, including the continued globalisation of the economy and society, are able to adapt to new work and leisure patterns and keep up with the rapid expansion of communication technologies. 

See below the overview, planning and knowledge organisers for Year 1 personal growth curriculum. 

Year 1 Curriculum

Colours of the Rainbow

Right To Be Me

Purple Mash

Please take a look at the overview for the scheme of work that we use from Purple Mash at Glenmere in year 1.

Year 1 Scheme of Work

Recommended Book List for Year 1

Take a look at the books that are recommended for year 1 readers.

Recommended Books

Pie's Reading Spine

White Rose Maths Resources

These letters will help you to give your child the support needed at home to compliment the teaching that is taking place in school. They are full of ideas and useful website links for the topics being taught.

White Rose Maths is excited to have produced a range of work booklets for parents and children to use over the summer or during next year. These booklets can be found on Amazon for the Kindle or downloaded below.  There is one booklet for each of our blocks for Y1 to Y6.