Year 3

Welcome to the class page of year 3 where you will find useful website links to help with your learning. You will also find our class newsletters and any other news for our class.

Few reminders:

  • Year 3 have PE throughout the week so remember to bring kit in daily (or leave in school to take home Friday).
  • Spellings are tested on a Friday
  • Homework is given every Friday and is due the following Friday

At Glenmere, we use Spelling Shed to help with our spellings - all children in Year 3 have been given their login and will be given spellings on a weekly basis. 

This is the web link you can use to start playing and practicing <--- Click here

We also use Timestables Rockstars to help with our multiplication facts...




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Yearly Overview

At Glenmere we have established, within each year group, an overview for the year within our 'Broader Curriculum. This includes what is covered across the curriculum in addition to maths and English. 

Year 3 Overview

Class Newsletters

Our class newsletters celebrate all the great learning that has been going on in our class. They are full of the learning that has been taking place and how the children have been learning in many ways.

Autumn Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Supporting You Child Letter

These letters will help you to give your child the support needed at home to compliment the teaching that is taking place in school. They are full of ideas and useful website links for the topics being taught.




Knowledge Organisers

Here are our knowledge organisers where you can see what is being taught in school and the vocabulary that we are using to support our knowledge and understanding.

Autumn 1 - History - Richard the Third & Homework KO

Autumn 1 - Rocks & Soil (Science)

Autumn 1 - Online Safety (Computing)

Autumn 1 - What do Christians learn from the Creation Story? (RE)

Autumn 1 - Let your spirit fly (Music)

Autumn 1 - Growing Artists (Art)

Autumn 1 - Aprendo Espanol (Spanish)

Autumn 2 - Glockenspiel Stage 1 (Music)

Autumn 2 - Families and Friendships (PSHE)

Autumn 2 - Creating Media (Computing)

Autumn 2 - What do Hindus believe God is like? (RE)

Autumn 2 - Our World Here and Far (Geography)

Autumn 2 - Eating Seasonally (DT)

Autumn 2 - Animals Including Humans (Science)

Autumn 2 - Las estaciones (Spanish)

Spring 1 - Ancient Egyptians (History)

Spring 1 - Three Little Birds (Music)

Spring 1 - Citizenship (PSHE)

Spring 1 - Light (Science)

Spring 1 - Prehistoric Art (Art)

Spring 1 - What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today? (RE)

Spring 1 - Programming A (Computing)

Spring 1 - Los instrumentos (Spanish0

Spring 2 - Textiles (DT)

Spring 2 - Plants (Science)

Spring 2 - Economic wellbeing (PSHE)

Spring 2 - Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday? (RE)

Spring 2 - Branching databases (Computing)

Spring 2 - The dragon song (Music)

Spring 2 - La fruta (Spanish)

Summer 1 - Bringing us together (Music)

Summer 1 - Sculpture (Art)

Summer 1 - Publishing (Computing)

Summer 1 - Stone Age to Iron Age (History)

Summer 1 - Safetly (PSHE)

Summer 1 - Follower of God (RE)

Summer 1 - Los helados (Spanish)

Summer 1 - Our changing world (Science)

Personal Growth

At Glenmere, we like to ensure our pupils to be prepared to engage as individuals, parents, workers and citizens with economic, social and cultural change, including the continued globalisation of the economy and society, are able to adapt to new work and leisure patterns and keep up with the rapid expansion of communication technologies. 

See below the overview, planning and knowledge organisers for Year 3 personal growth curriculum. 

Year 3 Personal Growth Curriculum


Peace and Conflict

Planet Heroes

Right To Be Me

The Value of Money

Personal Development:

Personal Development

Teach Computing

The Teach Computing curriculum is structured into units for each year group, and each unit is broken down into lessons. Here you will find the unit overview for each of Year 3's units

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Recommended Book List for Year 3

Take a look at the books that are recommended for year 3 readers

Book List

White Rose Maths Resources

These letters will help you to give your child the support needed at home to compliment the teaching that is taking place in school. They are full of ideas and useful website links for the topics being taught